Showing images in Kibana 6 dashoboard

I have a type that in one of its fields contains a path to an image file, is there anyway to deal with these images in Kibana 6, for example to show them in a dashboard? I was thinking if this is possible to be done using the markdown visualization. Any suggestion?

Markdown visualizations would be best suited for your needs.
You could display an image on a dashboard using the Markdown visualization, and make the image tag in Markdown like:

alt text

You can also drop an images in the src/ui/public/images folder to have the image hosted by the Kibana web server. If you do this, you will need to run the Kibana optimizer to be able to access the image from a browser.

After you restart Kibana, you should be able to find the image at: http://your-domain:5601/bundles/src/ui/public/images/your-image.png


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