Uploading Images in kibana Dashboard


I have requirement to add some images to the Kibana Dashboard. Is there any plugin for kibana so that i can browse the image and upload to the panel. we are using kibana 3


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No there isn't.

Does anyone know if this is doable today? (or if its in the request queue?)

I don't think this is possible. Could you describe your use case a bit more ? Thanks

Thanks for responding, Peter.

I am exploring embedding Kibana dashboard into my Django web app and trying to see if I can add external images to Kibana. For example, if I need graph of a particular style that isn't supported today, I could just build it up externally and drop it in the dashboard. It would of course not be interactive but will serve the purpose for now. Or if I need a larger label for some graph which isnt possible with Kibana at the moment, I can just add it separately.
Alternatively, I could directly add images to the web page in question but then it wouldn't be in the same iframe that my Kibana dashboard is in.


i guess you could do that with markdown widget. you can't upload an image, but you could host it somewhere else and use it in markdown widget.

how to use markdown widget for hosted image to access in visualization?

Please start your own thread.

![alt text](https://github.com/adam-p/markdown-here/raw/master/src/common/images/icon48.png "Logo Title Text 1")


You rock! Thanks

Can I use this imported image under another lens ?