Adding Image to the Markdown of Kibana dashboard

Hi All,

Can I include an image in the markdown for Kibana dashboard? My image source is either from a local computer or the internet.

Thank you!

Hello Sampashree,

It sounds like maybe you're after this functionality? We don't have a streamlined process for this yet. There are however ways to modify the kibana css directly, if you hunt around on the discuss forums, you should be able to find some pointers. As for what's possible through the Kibana config, generally speaking you're limited to the options outline here.


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your quick reply. I searched in the forum and tried according to this post (Uploading Images in kibana Dashboard)

alt text

The exact same syntax with the logo URL is working on Kibana dashboard but I tried saving an image in my GitHub profile and used the same syntax as above. It is not working.


Ah, the markdown widget. Did you make sure to use the raw link? If you go to the link you used in a browser, can you see the image?

Thanks much Aaron,

Now I understand why it is not working. I can see the image but as in the GitHub profile while the example syntax shows only that Image.

I have another question, would it be possible to upload the saved image in local computer in the markdown widget?


in order to embed an image in the Markdown visualization you can use the „trick“ given in chapter „Embedding images“ on this website:

Please be aware that there are size limitations for images embedded using this way.

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