Display partially structured data into multiple columns in Kibana Discover

I am trying to get the data as separate columns based on the fields serviceName, flowName, correlationId and timestamp from below log field. can this be achieved through scripts in Kibana UI itself ? If not is there an alternative for this ?

[2023-11-15 13:59:41.146] INFO info [[MuleRuntime].uber.512: [mule-sys].post:\accounts:application\json:mule-sys-api-config.CPU_LITE @720d4er4] [event: xxx]: {
"muleMessage": {
"messageType": "Request",
"responseStatus": "Success",
"serviceName": "Account Status ",
"flowName": "post:\accounts:application\json:mule-sys-api-config",
"correlationId": "xxx",
"timestamp": "2023-11-14T14:59:41.145Z",


What is the version of your stack? We release ES|QL in 8.11.0 which would definitely help with this.



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