Display Predefined Category type for Pie Chart when landing to Kibana Dashboard

In my dashboard there are plenty of visuals. Out of them i have filter and pie chart. Let's say using filter we can select which Ware house's asset types count distribution you want display(Asset Types: Laps, Scans and printers). so when user selecting each Warehouse, pie chart shows corresponding asset type's count distribution.

Problem is when i log into dashboard first i can see the newest data point for each asset types.lets say latest data for Laps are 10 from warehouse A and latest data point for Scans 25 from warehouse C. Initial pie chart shows laps are 10 and Scan are 25. What i want display is either any datawarehouse or predifined warehouse when user first log into dashboard.

When i selecting using filter it shows the correct data . Only question is when user see dashboard after logging and before selecting.


So as above pic.when user see the dashboard just after logging it shows asset types from diffrent warehouse. I want to show predifined Warehouse.

Note: To make above donut plot i used Top hits for count , descending timestamps and group by using "Asset types".
In this graph what i need to show is latest asset types count distribution for each warehouse.

Which version of Kibana are you using? You should be able to save the filter as part of the dashboard. You could also try using input controls (see Dashboard tools | Kibana Guide [7.9] | Elastic).

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