Displaying a "default value" for the metric widget when no filters are being applied

Hello all!
I am attempting to use the metric widget in order to display the temperature of a machine. Currently, the way I have things set up is to have a metric widget that uses the Top Hit aggregation on the temperature field and then when a filter is applied for a specific serial number, that metric widget shows the most recent temperature for the machine with that particular serial number. However, when there is no filter being applied then the value that is displayed on the dashboard is just of whatever is the most recent row of data. In an attempt to show something more meaningful, I want to try and see if the default value when there are no filters applied can be set to be an average of the most recent temperature record to be found for each unique serial number. I think that maybe using the pipeline aggregations would be a possible way to do this but am unsure on how to proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!

It is not possible to change the visualization aggregation(s) based on applied filters.

There is an open enhancement issue that allows for drilling down from an overview dashboard to a detail dashboard. Maybe this would provide a better solution so you do not have to put visualizations that are not meaningful on the overview dashboard. Please follow the issue for updates

Ok! Thank you very much for the reply.

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