Displaying Kibana data in a prettier way than Discover tab

I'm trying to find a way to customize my dashboard so that people can query it in a similar fashion to the discover tab, except, instead of displaying it crudely with a drop down of the fields, I want it to be easier on the eyes and more customizable. I found a lot of support for graphical representations for data but not so much for ways to just show the data itself in a prettier manner.

For example, I have a bunch of news article data, I would love the user to be able to query for keywords and then have the articles title and text show up as well as some other fields, in a rectangle box. Is anything like this possible with just Kibana or would I have to make a webpage?

Hi @pkarki113,

Unfortunately, that's not something Kibana is intended to do. Your best bet is create a custom webpage. You can use our javascript library to help with that.

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