Distress: Elasticsearch 6.4.0 fails to start

Elasticsearch 6.4.0 fails to start with Java IO exception:

org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchException: java.io.IOException: failed to read [id:305, file:/var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/0/_state/global-305.st]

Please see Distress: Elasticsearch does not start - #3 by dakrone for more details, but here is the quick summary:

  1. ELK 541 working fine.
  2. Upgraded to ELK640, ES640 and Kibana640 came up fine, Logstash 640 had some issues.
  3. Went back to ELK 541 (possibly this was the mistake! :frowning: It did not come up. As possibly downgrading is not supported.
  4. Came back to ELK 640 - but it wont start now. Possibly corrupted data?

Full error log at ES640 Fails to start ยท GitHub

Any help to recover the data is appreciated!!

Please don't post the same thing more than once, it makes it harder for people to help :slight_smile: