Distribute X-Pack


we're creating an Elasticsearch service that allows end users to dynamically create Elasticsearch installations.
We want to bundle the X-Pack plugin with those installations.

This means:

  • we ship an 'installation file' with an Elasticsearch and X-Pack archive
  • the end user can read the license files for Elasticsearch, ... beforehand (also the X-Pack license/copyright file/content)
  • the end user can 'install' that 'installation file' archive in his system (kind like an app store, but for data services)
  • we create a virtual machine and install Elasticsearch for every 'Elasticsearch service' the user creates (he can create as many as he wants (depends on his IaaS))
  • we also enable the X-Pack plugin in that virtual machine
  • the user can use X-Pack for 30 days, afterwards he needs a subscription from you/elastic.co guys

Is that approach ok or who do we need to contact to discuss the matter?

Best regards,

I'd suggest you get in contact with us - sales@elastic.co :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks!

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Hallo Robert,
I am happy to help you with the further review of your requirements and how we best are able to help you. Sales@Elastic.co is the best option to connect.

Thanks, I've contacted sales@elastic.co

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