Divide 2 scripted fields in TSVB

Hi everyone I'm New to Elastic and Kibana.

I am stuck in painless scripting to apply 2 filters on a single index and store them as a 2 different scripted fields. Each scripted field has 2 filters applied on it one is Status other is This_Month_Name.

My 1st field (Numerator) is : This_Month_Name:1601490600000 and Status:"R"
My 2nd field (Denominator) is : This_Month_Name:1598898600000 and (Status:"N" or Status: "A")

The way I have created a scripted field is this which I guess is not right ;

doc['This_Month_Name'].value == 1601490600000L && doc['Status.keyword'].value == 'R'

Then later in TSVB metric tab How to divide these 2 scripted fields in order to get the result.

Would be really great to receive some inputs. :slight_smile:

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