Division on metric result

Hi gays i want to divide the metric result on 2 how i can do this in kibana ?
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with unique count i have 53 so i want to display 26.5 which is 53/2

thanx for help.


sorry for the late reply. Did you manage to solve your issue?

No not yet.

Hi Cheroufa,
we only support math operations on TSVB, Vega and timelion.

if your data is time-based, then I'd recommend you to go with tsvb, here's the demo configuration:

  1. Choose metric in TSVB. Setup timerange properly (in the range when you expect your data to have come). To include last bucket, in 'panel options' select option 'no' in Drop last bucket. I've chosen the interval 1y here (less calculations for ES) but it shouldn't affect the results.

  2. The first 'count' aggregation (or whatever you are visualizing) will give you the count of records in the interval you've set (so in my case 1 year). If you want to sum all the counts accross the whole timerange, add aggregation 'cumulative sum' on the top. This will give you the total count of records. All you have to do now is to divide it by 2 with 'math' aggregation.

The other options is Vega visualization, but it's not trivial. Please, review the tutorials vega and elastic provides.

Best, Marta

Thanx a lot for the solution. :innocent:

You're welcome!

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