DLQ Support for Non-elasticsearch plugins and keeping up with Logstash as a plugin developer

2 questions. I didn't feel like these were particularly github issues, but I suspect the forum isn't necessarily the right place to ask either.

  1. DLQ support for output plugins other than logstash-output-elasticsearch; Looking at how it's currently implemented I don't see much that would prevent me from using it in my own plugin - should I be avoiding it?

  2. Is there somewhere more appropriate to ask these sorts of questions, and some way that I, as a plugin developer, can keep up with Logstash development without having to occasionally trawl through the github issues for logstash-core, and commits for other plugins? I don't live in the Elastic ecosystem, and dip my head in and out of it monthly, or less, and the sheer number of issues on the logstash core repo means I feel when I do dip my head in I've missed something

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