DNS filter, how to save IP to a separate field


I'm using the DNS filter in my Logstash conf and I would like to store the IP address that the filter is resolving to a separate field. I tried using the add_field parameter but its not working. I end up storing the FQDN, IP in both the device and IP fields. Using action => "replace" has same effect.

 dns {
        resolve => [ "device" ]
        add_field => { "ip" => "%{device}"}

The dns filter unconditionally modifies the source field by either replacing it (action => replace) or converting it to an array and appending to it (action => append).

If you want the result in a separate field then you can do it using

add_field => { "ip" => "%{[device][1]}" }

then a separate mutate to remove the second entry from the array

mutate { replace => { "device" => "%{[device][0]}" } }

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