DNS Lookup from packetbeat

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I have just set up elasticsearch with kibana and I am currently sending packetbeat data from one of my servers directly to elasticsearch, not using logstash and a plain packetbeat config.
The data is being shown perfectly and can see the source ip and destination port information that I need but I would like to do a DNS lookup on the IP address so I can see the hostnames to make the dashboard I am trying to build more user friendly / management ready.
Is this possible with just using packetbeat and elasticsearch or do I need to send the data through logstash to have the dns processed?

(Mark Walkom) #2

You would need to send events to Logstash and then use the DNS filter to do this, but it's possible.

(Robert Cowart) #3

What is curious is that for socket data provided by the metricbeat system module there is the option to do reverse lookups:

    enabled: true
    success_ttl: 900s
    failure_ttl: 900s

That this is available in Metricbeat and not Packetbeat is just another of the inconsistencies in Beats.

I would definitely recommend sending the Beats data to Logstash to be transformed into a more usable form and further enriched (alternatively you could send it to Kafka and write Streams API apps to fix the data). Doing so will allow you to extract a lot more value from the data than is possible with the out-of-the-box schema.

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