Do aarch64-architecture support x-pack?

My server CPU architecture is aarch64, my elasticsearch version is 6.2.4,now I want to use x-pack for security, Do aarch64-architecture support x-pack?
please help me ,thank you

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6.2 is very much EOL and no longer supported, you should upgrade as a matter of urgency. I don't think we supported aarch64 back then either, only in newer version.

Which elasticsearch version should I upgrade if I want to use x-pack for my aarch64 server

You mean you don't supported aarch64 for x-pack currently,right? please help to confirm it ,

Regarding aarch64

We started to support Linux in 7.7.0

And MacOS in 7.16.0

For both Free / Basic or Commercial license

Same distribution just depends on proper license applied

Technically we don't use the term x-pack anymore.

You can see the different Free vs Subscription here

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If you look at the support matrix it states:

As of 7.12+ releases, we support aarch64 with the same set of distributions as x86_64.

From version 6.3 X-Pack is no longer standalone, but rather bundled with the default distribution (the only one available version 7.11 onwards).

Thanks for your reply ,you mean before 7.12+ release,you don't support aarch64 for x-pack,right?

Correct. I would therefore recommend upgrading to at least the latest 7.17 release.

OK,get it ,really appreciate for your patient reply

BTW,after 30-day trial for x-pack of elasticsearch 7.17,could I still use it for security(password authentication) if I don't purchase a subscription?

Yes, basic security is part of the free Basic tier.

OK,thank you

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