Do post_filter queries run under query context or filter context?

According to

Filter context is in effect whenever a query clause is passed to a filter parameter, such as the filter or must_not parameters in the bool query, the filter parameter in the constant_score query, or the filter aggregation.

What about queries under post_filter? Should I infer from the name that these will be under filter context? I could imagine cases where you might want scoring here, so I just wanted to be sure. Thanks!

The queries added to the apost_filter will be entirely in the "filter" context (e.g. non-scoring). The post_filter only exists to allow filtering the search hit results differently from the agg results. But the ranking/scoring of those results don't matter since aggs collect any matching document regardless of their score.

E.g. if you want agg results to be filtered in a certain way, you can include that in the regular query. If you want the search results to be filtered but the aggs to represent all the data, use a post_filter. The actual ranking of the search results is unimportant to aggregations, so you can include the necessary scoring elements in the regular query.

Hope that helps! It's a little hard to explain :slight_smile:

Yes, that answers it perfectly. Thanks!

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