Do we have any concept like clickable events in Charts(pie,bar, any other charts) to display another detailed chart in Kibana. Please help us if any on Priority

We have configured a dash having Table , Pie & Bar chart at high level.
We need a support when we click on bar/pie chart it should be clickable and it should allow to display in detailed information about the every bar in bar chart/pie chart.

And let me know the concept of Drill Down charts in Kibana which we are unable to configure end to end on Drill down charts.

Hey @MaheshReddyV, this isn't currently possible. We have to track adding this functionality, please +1 that issue or comment on it with your requirements so we can prioritize it appropriately.

Thank you very much your on time reply.

Do you have any in detailed drill down configuration links . Please share us it will help us to configure end to end Drill down chart configuration.

Please help us on entire configuration on Drill down chart

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