Do you even SNMP bro?

(Jason Kopacko) #1

Does Logstash store any information in SNMP anywhere?

If not, why?

(Mark Walkom) #2

In SNMP? As in it creates traps that something can poll, or?

(Jason Kopacko) #3


Would like to graph the number of logs processed, etc. This kind of stuff:

"pipeline" : {
    "events" : {
      "duration_in_millis" : 261326672,
      "in" : 49306675,
      "filtered" : 49306675,
      "out" : 49306675

(Mark Walkom) #4

That is what the APIs are for :slight_smile:

(Jason Kopacko) #5

Har har :slight_smile: I cant poll that from my monitoring servers.

(Allen Chan) #6

Most monitoring systems that I know of can do http gets. Are you sure the monitoring system you use cannot?

If you really want the data in snmp, you can extend snmp to add that functionality. A google search will show you results pretty quickly

(Jason Kopacko) #7

I'm talking in terms of polling a number or numbers and storing the value and graphing. Like PRTG for example.

(Allen Chan) #8

If you are using linux OS with net-snmp installed, you can extend SNMP

You can write a wrapper script to poll the API and expose the metrics through snmp

(system) #9

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