Question about Logstash and SNMP


I'm new on logstash applications and I have a scenario here like this:

  • it is necessary to perform a polling over a bunch of sensors through SNMP requests.

The snmp trap is not applicable for this situation since it is necessary to get data from sensors in a time basis (periodically).

My question: is there a logstash plugin capable of doing this (snmp getrequest)? Is there any other suggestion on how to get this sensor data?

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Not that I have seen, no.

What are you needing to do with the sensor data?

There's lots of free polling software out there.

PRTG, Cacti, etc.


The sensor data must be stored for further analysis after some time.

The architeture of the system makes use of logstash, so our first attempt was on this direction, using logstash to get sensor data.

I'll check these options you mentioned. But we will stiil need to get data and store into a Big Data architecture, nevertheless.


There may be some SNMP poller out there that can do your querying (as well as alerting/reporting if you need it) that can then output to syslog or to a file that you can have ingested into Logstash for parsing. As for doing it directly via Logstash, there may be an expert here that can help you.

I use PRTG for tons of SNMP polling and graphing. I've NOT looked into any outputs that it has.

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Hi, thanks for reply.

I think it is possible to make a simple snmp poller using somethin API like Apache Camel and direct the output in a way that could be ingested by logstash.

The first idea was to use a logstash plugin just to avoid additional "intermediate tools" on the line.

Another possibility is to build up a Logstash plugin itself, capable of performing the snmp GetRequest. I wonder why this was not made until now. And I do not know the dificulty level of building such a plugin.

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