Docker can't pull Kibana 7.15.2 using docker-compose up

Hey, I am trying to setup an ELK + APM to test it using docker, I followed along with the steps APM quick start with docker, but when I do docker-compose up, docker is stuck when pulling Kibana image 7.15.2, I checked on Docker hub repo but can't find any image with tag 7.15.2, does the image exist somewhere?
Instead, I replaced 7.15.2 with 7.14.2 in docker-compose.yml


You could check our docker images at kibana | Docker @ Elastic and in your case


thanks @tiagocosta for your quick answer, I did docker pull but it stuck here forever:

Hi @marone,

Just tried it myself and it took less than 2 minutes for me


For some reason, it took me up to 20 minutes to download it after I cleaned up all images from docker. And thanks for the url :smiley:

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