Docker elasticsearch image is larger than the zip file

what was the reason the docker image is bigger than ( almost 2X) the actual zip file . I couldn't get the docker file that was used to create docker image.

Is there anyway to shrink it ?

A Docker file will always be MUCH larger than any installed software - it's most of the OS, utilities, drivers, and more, like a mini VM and much depends on how the image was built, what underlying OS was used (CentOS, Alpine, etc.).

The sources are available - what version are you looking at?

You can see the overall source HERE for the latest version 7.9. The actual 7.9 Docker File is here. It uses CentOS 7 as the base, which is a large but standard distribution, hence your size.

A Docker file will always be MUCH larger than any installed software . I have to disagree with this point. Doesn't necessarily be the case all the time ?
Do you know if there are smaller versions available those have small base images

Okay, not sure what you are disagreeing on - by definition a container has to have the software expanded and installed (not in a zip file), plus enough OS and utilities to support it - base Alpine is quite small, like 25MB but base CentoOS is more like 250MB before you install the software.

The official repos seems to be CentOS7 based and thus larger; you'd have to search for smaller ones built by others or build your own. Most people don't care all that much about size, within reason and if not loading on tiny machines like Raspberry Pi :wink:

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