Docker Elasticsearch in Production

Hello Elastic members,
I wanna ask you something that this is very important for my career LMAO :kidding:
So, right now i have a elasticsearch cluster with 5 master nodes & 5 data nodes.
In a day, my elasticsearch collects approximately 1.5 TB - 2.5 TB.
They are in VM. So, if i want to use Docker Elasticsearch, what do you think ?
Is that really good to use elasticsearch in docker environment ?
Remember, we will implement it in Production stage and also it has 2.5 TB data and yeah my career :slight_smile: nah...the last one is joking

Thank you and happy query-ing

That should be fine assuming the cluster has access to the same amount of system resources as the current cluster. What are you looking to gain from doing this?

Sorry for late response. I just got jet lag.

I think, it would be easier for migrating from machine to another machines and ofc i can't install elastic in easy way without care the OS.
Not only elasticsearch, but other db such as mysql, etc
What do you think ?

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