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I just setup metricbeat using the docker module and noticed that docker.memory.usage.pct seemed off by a factor of 100. However, is accurate. The docker fields docs don't mention the memory percentage scale being from 0-1. The [](http://dockbeat docs) do mention this though.

I propose at the very least updating the docs. It might even be better to change docker.memory.usage.pct to an actual percentage.


It looks like the "pct" fields in the memory metricset are not properly marked as percentages whereas the ones in the cpu metricset set are properly marked.

For comparison, here's the CPU and here's memory. You can see that format: percentage is missing from all the "pct" fields. Could you please open a new issue on Github for this (or a pull request :slight_smile: ).

Sure. Here's the PR:

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