Docker module is not publishing all metrics for CPU and memory


I've installed Metricbeat V7.4.1 on a Windows Server 2019 host that is running docker 19.0.3 with the system, windows and docker modules enabled. The system and windows modules are working correctly with kibana dashboard showing the correct info, however the docker dashboard is not displaying CPU or memory information for containers. The docker.yml module config is:

# Module: docker
# Docs:

- module: docker
    - container
    - cpu
  #  - diskio
  #  - event
  #  - healthcheck
    - info
    - memory
  #  - network
  period: 10s
  hosts: ["npipe:////./pipe/docker_engine"]

If I look at the messaged logged in elastic for that metric set i find only some of the memory metrics are included and only CPU ticks have values, the rest are 0. e.g.


The dashboards reference .pct fields which are all missing or zero.

The logs on metricbeat do not have any warns or errors and simply show that metrics are being published. I have tried starting the metricbeat service with -d docker but no other warnings or errors appear.

I found this issue on GitHub however setting DOCKER_API_VERSION didn't change anything (fyi - It's docker api versoin 1.40).

There appear to have been lots of topics created on this site but either do not recieve a reply or are closed within a few months.

Can anyone help?

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