Metricbeat on docker dashboard

Hi, I install metric beat on docker to another server to check the CPU Usage, Memory Utilization and Network. I try the default metricbeat docker dashboard but the output seems wrong.

Can anyone can help me how to create a dashboard to monitor the other server using metric docker? thanks for help.

Hi @Jay-R_Manguba :slight_smile:

Why the dashboard is "wrong"? Can you post an screenshot of what's wrong in the dashboard? Do you have data on the discover tab (are the metrics arriving to Elasticsearch?)

Hi Sir Mario,

When i try to stress test my server the CPU Utilization is going up, but in the dashboard nothing happens on CPU Usage.

Hi Sir, Yes i got logs on discover tab. for my docker

Sorry, I didn't make my question properly. I mean if you see CPU values in the discover tab, from what you can say, it seems you don't have values there.

Also, it will be nice to know the operating system you are monitoring, Beats version and, if possible, the configuration you're using

Hi Sir Mario,

I'm using ubuntu and metricbeat docker version 6.5.4 here is my configuration

path: ${path.config}/modules.d/*.yml
# Reload module configs as they change:
reload.enabled: false

- type: docker
hints.enabled: true


  • module: docker
    • "container"
    • "cpu"
    • "diskio"
    • "healthcheck"
    • "info"
      #- "image"
    • "memory"
    • "network"
      hosts: ["unix:///var/run/docker.sock"]
      period: 10s
      enabled: true

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