[Metricbeat System] Containers overview Dashboard issues

I'm using Elastic stack version 6.0 and while accessing [Metricbeat System] Containers overview Dashboard I found few issues:

  • Container CPU usage [Metricbeat System]
  • Container Block IO [Metricbeat System]

Shows Container ID - which makes it very hard to read, perhaps it should be Container Name instead?

  • Container Memory stats [Metricbeat System]

Container ID - shows docker.service, needless to say docker.service isn't my container id)

Any chance you could share some screenshots for each of the above?

would that work for you?

Something definitively looks off here. @exekias Do you have some ideas how the docker.service could get into the container.id value? It seems there are some events which have the correct values but other don't?

yet another (from desktop)

Hi @alexus,

These are Linux conainers, while they are Docker based containers, in this case, system module can get info about any other platform. Perhaps we could do some matching to enrich this info with real Docker data, feel free to open a new issue in our repo :slight_smile:

Also, have a look at our Docker module, probably it provides what you are seeking

Best regards


Just to make this clear...

I run docker.service inside of Linux, and I use metricbeat with docker.module, yet getting results that you're seeing...

Ok, understood,

Still that dashboard comes from system module data, you can check Docker dashboard for better metrics about Docker itself

actually I believe problem is else where....

If I open [Metricbeat Docker] Overview dashboard, Docker containers Names appears correct, unlike through [Metricbeat System] Containers overview dashboard, as it seems it's referring to wrong data (that is collected through system module instead of docker module).

Yep, that's what I was talking about. System dashboard is about Linux containers info, it's not targeting Docker, but any container runtime (LXC, for instance). That's why results are not as human readable as in Docker dashboard :slight_smile:

Yet again, I guess Docker dashboard gives you everything you need?


Right, Docker Overview dashboard gives me containers IDs as it should, while System Containers overview dashboard instead of providing me with container related information, I get systemd metrics...

The question wasn't about Docker dashboard though, it was about System dashboard, part of that dashboard is Containers and yet what user gets is systemd, at very least it's misleading...

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