Metricbeat Docker - Containers missing

Hi, I have some containers running on a Debian server. I have installed Metricbeat and activated the Docker module (config below), but in Kibana dashboards, some are missing. I should see 7 lines (1 per started container) but I only see 3. A co-worker added his local containers and like before, we see 2 more containers instead of 4 more running. We didn't change any configuration from '[Metricbeat Docker] Overview ECS' visualizations apart the max number of displayed rows.

Here is my 'docker.yml' file:

- module: docker
   - "container"
   - "cpu"
   - "diskio"
   - "event"
   - "healthcheck"
#   - "image"
   - "info"
   - "memory"
   - "network"
  #  - network_summary
  period: 10s
  hosts: ["unix:///var/run/docker.sock"]

Result (5 lines instead of 11):

In an other board, it was written that 7 containers were running and 0 stopped (that was the expected result), but when my colleague started the agent on his computer, we still saw 7 running and this time 34 stopped (I don't know exactly how many stopped containers he had but there normally were 11 running containers in total).

Is it a problem from my configuration or does it come from Metricbeat? If I did something wrong, what should I do?

Thibaut A.

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