Docker image for 5.4.1 seems to be RHEL based but 5.3.0 is alpine?

It seems to me that there is an inconsistency with your tagging strategy because tag 5.3.0 was alpine based and now 5.4.1 is RHEL based. I cannot find a tag for 5.4.1-alpine and I use a custom Dockerfile which derives from and you can imagine that all my package installation commands assume apk rather than yum. Can we ensure that the base version tag will not change anymore? If so can you guys provide version tags for different OS' (i.e. 5.4.1-alpine)? I should probably ask the more important question of why the switch from alpine to CentOS?

This should partially responds to your question:

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Thanks Pierre, that blog is exactly the narrative that I was missing. I appreciate that

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