Docker Images for Beats 7.3.0 - not available on

Please can the Beats Docker Images be released to for 7.3.0? This has been done for Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash and APM Server but it appears the Beats all remain at 7.2.0.

Due to environment restrictions, I'm currently limited to pulling from rather than (I realise there's often a delay in the images being available in the central hub, but assume there's been an oversight/mistake in the Beats not being published after everything else has already been made available?).

Hi Chris, thanks for reaching out. I've checked the versions of beats on, and it looks the beats images were updated 5 days ago. You should be able to find the most recent version of Elastic images at

For example, the filebeat image has a 7.3.0 tag:

Ah, OK I'll take a look at those images instead.

I'd run a search via hub/ and the top result (e.g. for filebeat) was the Docker Certified image: - this was last updated a month ago to version 7.2.0 (and obtained via docker pull store/elastic/filebeat:7.2.0), maintained by

Seems a bit confusing that there are so many official-looking images for the same thing in the hub, worth a little rationalisation maybe?

Similarly Elasticsearch (that I've been using) is found at, but your link suggests from the same publisher (imagine they're the same image, just seem to be owned/published by different things?

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