Docker Swarm + Filebeat

There is a server with ELK 5.6 stack and now I need to analyze logs from Docker Swarm hosts. Is it possible to config Filebeat (or any other Beat) inside Swarm to send logs to the ELK server?

Hi @ZaphordB,

You should be able to use something like this to get your logs: Just take into account it requires Filebeat >= 6.0.0 (6.1 is the latest one at the moment)

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Thank you! It's working!
But I have logs only from one swarm-worker but not from swarm-manager and other nods. Is it OK?


In order to get logs from all nodes you need to have one Filebeat container per node. I'm not too familiar with Swarm but I think you can achieve that using a global service?

Again thank you very much! Everything works perfect. Other nods just needed time to start send logs to Kibana.

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