How To Setup filebeat / elasticsearch in Docker-Swarm?

I am working on a Github project providing a lightweight docker-swarm environment. One feature I would like to add is a centralized logging stack based on Filebeat, Elasticsearch and Kibana. And my goal is to startup the stack with one single docker-compose.yml file.

The architecture should be quite simple:

FileBeat            Elasticseach      Kibana

 worker1 ----->|
 worker3 ----->|---> Manager ----->  Manager
 worker3 ----->|

I do not need logstash to keep it compact. I created already a docker-compose.yml file to start up the stack. But this did not work.

My current questions are:

  • How can I test if the filebeat worker nodes are working?
  • How can I test if the log information from a filebeat worker node is ingested by elasticsearch?
  • What are the steps to setup kibana to show the log information?

If anybody can help me this would be great. I raised this issue also on Github


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