[Docker] Using old data folder not working

Hello, for some issues my Docker container with Elasticsearch has been re-created, this came with the lost of all my indexes (i have two nodes in my cluster and since the container was recreated, the cluster ID was generated again with the new cluster). But the thing is i have the old _data folder in my host with all the indexes folder and i want to re-use because i have all the information there. The problem is i tried to map the volume with the /data volume inside the container but the old indexes are not being read, all i have is the new indexes that were created after the new container was started. I also tried using path.data with other folder but i'm still seeing the new indexes.

tl;dr: I need to use old /data folder (folder with all my index information) as my new data folder so i can use those indexes

Hi @Bo-Wyatt,

The cluster ID is attached to the cluster metadata, so if you have a new ID then it sounds like you've lost the cluster metadata. Unfortunately the data is meaningless without the metadata, since the metadata is where things like mappings and settings are kept. I'd recommend restoring things from a snapshot.

How can i do that? The only left from my older container is the folder, can i create an snapshop from the folder?

No, I meant one of the snapshots you took before the problems started.

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