Dockerfile for new beats


Hi :smiley:

I'm creating a custom beat thanks to your Developer Guide, and would like to package it into a Docker image.

I looked at the existing community beats, and found several ways of writing a Dockerfile to build an image for my beat. However, the quality of the resulting Docker images doesn't come close to what you have done for your official beats (e.g. metricbeat): size of image, internal directory structure, etc.

Therefore I'm wondering: this Dockerfile could be automatically generated for new beats, couldn't it? For instance, we could have some make Dockerfile command to generate the Dockerfile, which would build and package the beat binary in a clean Docker image.

What do you think? :thinking:


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We already have our Dockerfile images published, check repo, we use a Makefile for that, although it's not straight forward it's a good start to try to adapt your case.

Let us know if you find any issue while doing it!

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