Combining all beats into a single Docker image

(Matthew R Hickok) #1

Hello all, this is more of a Docker-related question that Beats, but I thought I would see if anyone else tried to do this.

I want my beats image to be as close to the official image as possible, but I want to have all of the beats in a single image.

One way is to modify the dockerfile template and do all of the same steps but for all of the beats. But I was wondering if there is some way to perform a multi-stage docker build using multiple FROM statements (pulling from, etc). But when I do this it seems to overwrite what is i the /usr/share directory and whichever is the last FROM statement is the only beat that actually exists in the /user/share dir.

Again, I know this is more docker-specific than beat-specific, but I thought I would just see if anyone else has tackled this before I dive in and make my own custom image combining all of them.

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