Document added but not visible

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We are trying to persist a document in elastic search where one of the key has a value of size 1MB. After persisting the document, the document is not visible in Elastic Search and we don't get any error also for persistence. From what I have read outside the max limit when using http is 100MB, can anybody help me understand where this document is going?

When we save the same as JSON object it is visible, but when saved as value of a key it is not visible.

(Zachary Tong) #2

How do you mean "not visible"? Unable to GET the document directly? Or unable to find via a search?

As an aside, a 1mb field is probably not a good idea, and will likely make lucene relatively unhappy :confused:

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Thanks for the reply! Not visible means that the document is apperaing in the index in kopf, doesn't come uo in both search/get results.

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