Document count and includes_action_and_meta_data

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I have a custom rally track where I am bulk indexing data. My data is in the


format, which means that I have 2 lines for each document. My types have 'includes_action_and_meta_data' set to true. Now if I set my 'document-count' to have the number of documents (which is the number of lines/2), rally throws an error saying the counts don't match. If I set the doc count as the number of lines, I see that that the action_and_meta_data also gets indexed as a document.

Is there a setting I am missing ?

(Daniel Mitterdorfer) #2

Hi @sharathr83,

sorry to hear this. This is an error in the documentation. The correct name of the setting is includes-action-and-meta-data (note the hyphens instead of underscores).

Can you please correct the setting, delete ~/.rally/benchmarks/data/YOUR_TRACK_NAME/*.json.offset and retry?


(sharath) #3

yes, that worked. Thanks !

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