Document created even though only 1 node is active

I have 3 nodes cluster with discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes set to 2.
1 shard with 2 replicas.
I kill -9 2 nodes of ES.
After killing the second node, a document is sent via index API using transport client.
100 ms after (client didn't return ack yet), I see

        [elasticsearch[_client_][generic][T#3]] : Netty4Transport(TcpTransport.closeAndNotify:593) - disconnecting from [{node-1}{POKxWGf4Qkip5YOJn6VlsA}{JMZ2eg3jQfCGcbxW2Zgv6A}{}{}], channel closed event

This is the second time I see it in the logs, since I already killed 1 node before.
After another 200ms I get result=created from ES transport client.
I expected it to fail.
After, I killed this node (the only 1 alive) and revived the 2 other nodes. The event was not found...

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