Document not being returned by query

So I have a document
{ "_index": "pod_spree", "_type": "product", "_id": "2809", "_version": 1, "found": true, "_source": { "sku": "1PGC2690", "name": "Fancy Scroll Frame", "description": "Invite family and friends to celebrate your big day with the Fancy Scroll Frame wedding invitation from Hallmark.\r\n|Edit the message in the card, or write your own.\r\n|Add a message and photo to the back.\r\n|Change the font style, color and size in many message areas.\r\n|Layout options are available on the back. \r\n|5\" x 7\"\r\n|An envelope is included with every card.|Learn more about our ", "price": "1.99", "inside_message": "", "available_on": "2015-11-01T07:00:00.000Z", "number_of_photos_no_photos_taxon": "No Photos", "number_of_photos_taxon": "Number of photos", "occasion_wedding_taxon": "Wedding", "occasion_taxon": "Occasion", "recipient_for_anyone_taxon": "For Anyone", "recipient_taxon": "Recipient", "format_and_size_5x7_flat_taxon": "5x7 Flat", "format_and_size_taxon": "Format \u0026 Size", "tone_simply_stated_taxon": "Simply Stated", "tone_taxon": "Tone", "wedding_taxon": "Wedding", "wedding_all_invitations_taxon": "Invitations", "wedding_all_invitations_wedding_invitations_taxon": "Wedding Invitations", "invitations_taxon": "Invitations", "invitations_all_wedding_taxon": "Wedding", "invitations_all_wedding_invitations_taxon": "Wedding Invitations" } }

but when I issue the following query

it comes back with no results. This happens with several other terms too, but I can find documents with the each terms. I am using a custom analyzer with the lowercase and snowball filters. Any ideas?

Likely, the problem is that the terms that are extracted by your index analyzer are different from the terms that are extracted by your pod_analyzer. I would advise to experiment with the analyze API to see what tokens are generated.

I'm using the same custom analyzer for both index and querying

Can you provide us with a minimal recreation of the problem?

I posted the query and a sample document that should be returned. Not sure what else you need. I was using the snowball, lowercase, and english stopwords filters. Add another one for synonyms, but wedding is not in the synonym list

I would just like to know the exact analyzer and mapping that you used in order to be able to identify the problem. Having a recreation will help ensure I use the exact same commands as you instead of variants that might not expose the problem.

Here's the settings for the index

        index: :pod_spree,
        type: :product,
        body: {
          settings: {
            analysis: {
              filter: {
                pod_synonyms: {
                  type: :synonym,
                  ignore_case: :true,
                  synonyms: YAML.load_file(Rails.root + 'config/synonyms.yml')
                pod_stopwords: {
                  type: :stop,
                  stopwords: YAML.load_file(Rails.root + 'config/stopwords.yml')
                standard_stopwords: {
                  type: :stop,
                  stopwords: '_english_'
              analyzer: {
                pod_analyzer: {
                  tokenizer: :standard,
                  language: 'English',
                  filter: [
          mappings: {
            product: {
              properties: mappings

can you share the mappings as well?

The only mappings I customized are these
mappings = { price: { type: 'double', index: 'not_analyzed' }, available_on: { type: 'date', index: 'not_analyzed' }, sku: { type: 'string', analyzer: 'simple' } }

Everything else is just a string and use the default analyzer specified

Since you did not specify which analyver to use in your mappings, your string fields are using the default standard analyzer while you are using pod_analyzer at query time. I suspect this explains the problems that you are having. You need to explicitly say which analyzer to use in your mappings using the analyzer property.

When I was using the standard analyzer that query worked. Once I added the custom analyzer it stopped working. It works if I remove the snowball tokenizer. I'm using the same analyzer on the query too