Document relevance in search using business score

(Jiten Savla) #1

We have a use case where we index people information in elastic search with different attributes like date of birth, hobbies, education etc. We want to associate a score with document based on the weight-age selected by user while firing search query.

For instance, I want all the people born in September having more relevance then October and people born in October having more relevance then August. Further I want people with Masters degree having more relevance than Bachelors degree. The final score for a person will be function of relevance score for birth month and education degree. Its like giving a business score to each search document based on the attribute weight-age selected by user.

How do we achieve this in elastic search? Is there a out of the box solution? Should we be using custom score scripts?

(Jason Wee) #2

try this

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