Document Repository

We have a Wordpress(WP) intranet with discussion groups regarding the control systems we support. We are also organizing a sizable collection of PDFs & MS Office documents for the same control systems. We know there is a WP plugin for ES. But the GUI through WP seems to lack the filtering and preview capability we are looking for.

We are looking for a search engine with a web interface that can index and search 100s of PDFs and MS Office files. People refer to the power ES and we have it running on a dev VM, yet I'm not able to find a simple Google like web interface for it. I'm looking for advice o whether ES can be an effective search engine for a document repository and where to look for a solution. Also, is there a place to look to find people we could hire to assist us with this effort.

Thank you.

Have you seen Kibana? It's not google like but it's the closest we have at the moment.