Document with weighted field values

Let's say that every document has multiple values, the values sort of probabilistic-ally define the document.
So if a document has many color values of red and few of white, I would like to get documents based on how red they are.
Now I also want to support synonyms. So, for example, I might say that velvet is a synonym for red, and the "red-ness" of a document would be also its "velvet-ness"

Now, I tried two approaches to these and I got stuck on each one.
Approach 1 : Multisets
Pros: Can use a field value factor of the field "color."
Cons: This won't work for synonyms unless I expand them pre-query

Approach 2: Key Value
Pros: Synonyms for color.value will work
Cons: there's an ambiguous color.rank, which weight to use? 0.25 or 0.75? It's the same field

Is there another approach for this? Thanks

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