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Is there any documentation for using the Java API with graph. I've managed to do a basic search using the example kindly supplied by Mark - Java API for Graph

However I'd like to, for example, use multiple vertices and multiple connections rather than a single such as in the example. Also obviously having some doco would allow us to develop without having to ask for examples. If there is no doco released yet then a number of other examples would be ideal.

Just a heads up worked out how to do multi-field by simply using "QueryBuilders.multiMatchQuery" - Too obvious :frowning: .
However the documentation request still stands. Thanks

Being a REST-based service we provide a core description [1] don't tend to repeat the same API descriptions in detail for all of the various languages that we support (Java, Python, Perl, Ruby .net .....).

In the link you provided there are examples of the APIs you need to call but they are only invoked once.
Multiple vertices are added by calling addVertexRequest repeatedly for each of the fields you want to consider during each "hop".
Multiple connections are added by calling createNextHop - this will effectively create the equivalent of nested connections objects in the JSON syntax. Each nested connections object represents a "hop" - taking the vertices discovered from results of the previous search and using them as criteria in a new search to discover new vertices.

Hope this helps.

[1] Graph explore API | Elasticsearch Guide [7.15] | Elastic

Appreciated Mark.

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