Documents + visualizations from multiple data sets in my index (relational DB type feature)

(Dor Juravski) #1

I am trying to build a data table visualization using 2 data sets (both in the same index) that have one field in common. Example below.
I am trying to display from the first data set, and summarize from the 2nd data set using that common field. Right now it shows zero, meaning it won't let me traverse past the first data set.


Set1: text_field1,text_field2,number_field3,number_field4,number_field5
set2: number_field6,number_field7,text_field8

I want to show:
Significant terms (text_field1) and significant terms (text_field2) and sum(number_field6) where text_field8=text_field2

In a relational database this will look like this:

SELECT text_field1,text_field2, sum(number_field6)
FROM set1, set2
WHERE set2.text_field8 = set1.text_field2
GROUP BY text_field1,text_field2

(Lee Drengenberg) #2

Sorry Dor. Elasticsearch doesn't have any kind of join functionality like that, and so Kibana doesn't have any way to support that.

The closest thing I can think of is to have some 2 visualizations in a dashboard and when you click on one of those test_fields in one visualization it adds a filter so that both visualizations are filtered down to only one value of that text_field.

(Dor Juravski) #3

Thank you I ended up doing that.

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