Does adding a custom endpoint alias retain the original random URL?

If you create a 'custom endpoint alias' as described here, how long will the existing, original, random URL endpoints keep working for?

For example with an existing Elastic Cloud deployment with Deployment ID Stringwith32randomHexCharacters which currently has:

if you then click 'Create an alias' and type for example 'mydeployment' it lists your new URLs such as:

but makes no reference to whether (and for how long) the existing URLs will continue to work. The name 'alias' suggests that the original should last for ever, but this isn't clear and the consequences are quite significant.

These old release notes say:

They don’t replace the existing URL, but work alongside it

which sounds promising - does that mean the existing URLs will continue to work indefinitely?

If so it would be helpful if the official documentation & also the UI made this clear.

If the original URL does not last indefinitely, this is a big deal due to the volume of references to the existing URLs for example in internal ticketing systems / documentation, user bookmarks, etc.

Many thanks in advance.

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