Does apm-server support blazor web development framework?

We have deployed apm agent (1.16.1) on our backend, but not on the frontend. Its request path is as follows

frontend(blazor web development framework) ---> backend(with apm agent)

I checked the frontend's log, its status code is 200, which means the request was successful, but I can't find any request records from the frontend on kibana

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Hi @wajika,

we don't have out of the box instrumentation for blazor, but you can use the public agent API from a blazor app.

One challenge will be that the agent will send data back from the blazor app to the APM Server. This means if the blazer app is a true client side app and runs in the browser (so no server side blazor), then the browser may block the request to APM Server. So in that case, you'll need to configure your app and enable the browser call back to the APM Server.

Other than that (plus the manual code instrumentation), it should work.