Does Azure metricbeat module use Consumption API version 2019-10-01

Hi @MarianaD / @Kaiyan_Sheng

You had mentioned regarding raising an issue for Azure SDK with 2019-10-01 consumption API version.

This was the link shared: Provide 2019-10-01 version of consumption APIs · Issue #12452 · Azure/azure-sdk-for-go · GitHub

Based on the comments, there is another link stating that its done. So, will we be able to fetch out billing details for pay as you go subscriptions now?

Hope to hear back from you soon.

we are currently working on adapting the metricset to the new changes in the 2019-10-01 version of the API, you can follow Azure billing metricset - update consumption API's by narph · Pull Request #28028 · elastic/beats ( , as stated in the issue you referenced above, some properties are missing and objects have been replaced.

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