Does client only nodes vote in master elections (solved)

I currently a small cluster with 3 nodes: 2 data node (data and master), 1 client only (no data, no master) and 0 dedicated master.
That should give me a nice quorum number: 3.
Since I'm not too sure if the client only vote in the election, I'm not too sure.

I could add one or two master only node, but I don't want to make it worse and get split brain all over.

The documentation says "These "client" nodes are still part of the cluster, and they can redirect operations exactly to the node that holds the relevant data without having to query all nodes. However, they do not store data and also do not perform cluster management operations"

While it is likely that electing a master is a ' cluster management operations', it is not explicitly said

Clients take no part in master elections.

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