Does cpu times in hotthread api count system cpu?

such as io wait, wait for system call, does all these time counted by hotthread api?


Elasticsearch is just reussing the ThreadMXBean from the particular JVM, so you would find some answers over there.

Not sure however, what exactly you are after here. Feels to me, as if there is another question hidden behind this one :slight_smile:

yes, you are right. two nodes in my cluster sufferring very high sys cpu usage, says about 60% or even more. If I move all shard to other nodes, sys cpu usage will drop to normal, so I guess it is related to bulk index. so I am trying to use hotthread api to determine if my guess right.

I just check with the doc you mentioned, it looks like this bean has a method, getCurrentThreadCpuTime, which return all cpu time used by some thread, so I think sys cpu usage is counted. thanks

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