Does early termination (sorted index) kick in in this case?

I have such an index (ES 7.4):

    "index": {
        "sort.field": "date",
        "sort.order": "desc",

And I query like this:

    "sort": [
            "date": {
                "order": "desc"
    "track_total_hits": false,
    "query": {
                    "multi_match": {
                        "query": "banana",
                        "fields": [

And important detail, title field is like this:

            "title": {
                "type": "text",
                "analyzer": "custom_text",
                "search_analyzer": "custom_search",
                "similarity": "boolean"

so its using boolean similarity. As such max score for docs will be 2 (boost value). Even if we sort by score first, by date later, as the max score is known, early termination could be used here. But I cannot assert by looking at my experiments, as I have only a very small index to test.

So, is it being used?


If you sort by score, then index sorting will not apply.

What could however still apply is the block max-WAND. See

ok, makes sense...

Yeah, max-WAND would apply but this would happen even if the index was date-sorted.


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