Does elastic have data other than the indices data

this is kibana stack monitoring area:
Screenshot_2021-04-20 Stack Monitoring - Overview - Elastic

when i run du -ha /var | sort -rh | head -40 see this :

1.7T	/var
1.5T	/var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/0/indices
1.5T	/var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes/0
1.5T	/var/lib/elasticsearch/nodes
1.5T	/var/lib/elasticsearch

1.5T-1.2T = 300GB !!!
ALL indices are green and there is no red one!

what is this 300GB? how can i delete it?

It could be due to pending shard merges. Is it causing issues?

yes my hdd usage was 90%
i wanted to delete extra datas

What is the output from the _cluster/stats?pretty&human API?

As I said I wanted to delete. Now, after deleting some of the original indices, 60% of the hard drive is used!

I had to delete. The server had a serious problem.

It's still interesting to me, but what is that 300 GB?

What is the output from the _cluster/stats?pretty&human API?

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